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released February 14, 2016

Otto Juutilainen
Joonas Suomalainen
Teemu Vilmunen
Teemu Elo

All songs written by Otto Juutilainen

Arranged by Solarhall

Basic tracks recorded in 2014, engineered by Teemu Vilmunen

Additional recordings in 2014 and 2015 by Juutilainen, Suomalainen, Vilmunen

Mixed in 2015 by Otto Juutilainen

Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering
Covers and sculpting by Olli Juutilainen

61°29'38.2"N 23°43'09.7"E

All rights reserved


Made in Finland

℗ Solarhall

© Solarhall 2016



all rights reserved


Solarhall Finland

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Track Name: Fenix
Side by side we're laying on
the planet we were playing on
all morning till the summer burns at high noon
I wish it was the night and I could die soon
and sleep

I search for shade
you move into the light and then you levitate
You're rising ever higher with the sunrays
and soon you are devoured by the burning flames

I see you rise
deep inside
see you high
feed the sun
feed the sun
feed the sun
feed the sun

I see you rise
deep inside
from the sun
from the sun
fenix, fenix, fenix
Track Name: Broken Man
All the lights in heaven
they could not repair
this broken man
who is filled with despair

If the mighty should fall now
and land on his feet
he'd walk on over
and keep to his beat

Marching on and on, and on and on

There's a road underneath him
and a knife in his hand
he walks until he's unable to stand

Now the stars in his heaven
they tell him to stop
There's no more road for him to walk
stop, stop, stop now

In the sky above
the fire rises up
and fills his mind
Track Name: Great Deceiver
Hello leader
you've led us all this far
You've been a great deceiver
but now we're catching on
You were a hate breeder
reviving old lost thoughts
You had a fake receiver
and messages from all

Your former mentors
sending mental mindscapes
from the minds of blind apes

We've followed you now for so very long
we have not been able to control
all our thoughts
you fed us crazy talk and magic oil

We formed this expedition
to make us all rich
but you made us all into your collective little bitch
hanging from your leather collar

And vile surprises made from words consisting magic prizes

Gold, from
of riches, deception, lies
Failure, madness, death

Bye bye leader
the revelations gone
We have a poison needle
aimed straight at your heart
I am the true redeemer
I'll purify your minds
and I'm a mind reader
I will expose all lies

Now that I'm the leader
of this greatest group of men the world has ever seen
descending down a mineshaft made of dreams
I'll control all your minds and make you blind
and make you vomit all the vile things
that were shoved down all your throats
while you were waiting for the throne
Track Name: The Wolf and the City
Cold blue winter night
Headlights pass me by

Slowly making my way into your world
of concrete buildings framed by steel lines

We were born on the same day
formed on the opposite sides of life

You were born to build these concrete walls
I was born to tear them all down
Track Name: Shelter
If I was to show to you
the morning that the world would be through
All light would go into a void
a vortex filled with lightning coils

Come to me for shelter in your need
Come to me
I'll watch you when you sleep
and I'll wake you when the morning light
rises like the ocean's tide

If one day we'll pay the price
of all the evil deeds of our time
step inside the ferrum walls
and see the shelter I built for you

And I'll wake you when the morning light
rises like the ocean's tide

Rise, tide, rise
Rise, tide, rise

Inside the shelter built for you
you'll sleep until the night is through
and if someday the flood should come
and break the levee that I've done
don’t worry dear
I'll care for you
if riding on the wave so blue
a demon with a perfect blade
comes charging with a mighty raid

I would fight the evil beast
and strike him back to humility
speak no more of evil's name
we'll never be a part of his game

Come to me for shelter in your need
Come to me
I'll watch you when you sleep
and I'll wake you when the morning light
rises like the ocean's tide
Track Name: Sewer Man
The former secretary of the state lives in the sewer
the former secretary of the state will soon deliver
a speech that tremors the land
and hammers the mind

A crowd has gathered around him
awaiting in awe
Silence is soon broken
and words fill the air like flies
From that gaping black hole
he offers his view

If you want to survive in this world
you have to take what is yours
There's a profit to be made
in every smile and handshake
People are just objects
you can use them if you choose to

But there's another view
you are what you choose to do

Bow like the trees in the winter
bend like the blade in the stream
Walk away from the fight
move away from the light
Track Name: Engulfed in Green
Over there
is a church
In ruins it lies
it's calling me inside

Trees are growing through the altar
Am I alone
well so it seems

In a moment I'm surrounded by
an organism of some kind
I'm growing old with rapid pace
and the being talks to me
and says

Let go of your fear
let go of jealousy
you have always been a good man
and from now on
you are free

And it moves away
in silently retreating waves
Track Name: All Gods Live in Dark Houses
All gods live in dark houses
All gods live in dark houses